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Datadog-Rookout Integration



Collect custom metrics from your application with a few clicks and send it to DataDog. No need to write code, redeploy or restart your app. Start a free trial.

  • Enhance monitoring and expedite production debugging with Rookout’s on-demand data collection.
  • Have a new custom metric but you didn’t create the instrumentation to collect it? Not a problem. Rookout can collect custom metrics ad-hoc.
  • Datadog Pro customers are allotted 100 custom metrics per host & Enterprise customers are allotted 200 custom metrics per host. More will incur billing charges.

You can find Rookout's integration on Datadog's integrations page



Rookout sends data to Datadog via the DogstatsD service available from the Datadog agent.

  1. Install the Datadog agent and Rookout.

  2. Log into Rookout's webapp

  3. In the right panel (Breakpoints) click on the menu button

    Breakpoint actions menu

  4. Click on Create new template in order to edit a new Breakpoint template

    Create new template button

  5. Copy the Datadog Custom Metric Breakpoint template available here into the editor and replace the default Breakpoint template.

    Datadog Custom Metric Breakpoint template

  6. Click the save icon to save the template

    Click Save Icon

  7. Add the newly created Breakpoint to any application as you would normally !


You can configure the Breakpoint to use specific actions, every Breakpoint should contain these attributes in the processing.operations object:

    "name": "dogstatsd",
    "action": "<ACTION>",
    "metric": "<METRIC_NAME>",
    "target": {
      "host": "<HOST_NAME>",
      "port": 8125

Depending on the actions, it needs different additional attributes:

Datadog Action Attributes
increment value
decrement value
event title, text
gauge value
histogram value
timing value
distribution value
For more information about these actions you can see Dogstatsd documentation

Any attribute must be formatted the following way to be accepted by our Breakpoint:

"value": {
    "name": "calc",
    "path": "123"
"value": {
    "name": "calc",
    "path": "\"string\""

Data Collected

You can collect custom metrics and events by creating a Datadog output in your Rookout Breakpoint. Some commonly used patterns:

  • Count the number of a times a method is invoked (increment)
  • Document process started in DataDog (event)
  • Record batch sizes (histogram)


If you have any questions, contact us at

Further Reading

Find out more at

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