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Rookout + Graylog

Rookout can be configured to send notifications arriving from your application to a Graylog input.


  1. Start by setting up a Graylog environment. You can use your existing setup, or, for a quick test, you can use the Docker Compose template supplied:
docker-compose up -d

You can access Graylog's management interface on http://localhost:9000 with the username and password admin.

  1. Add a new input: On the menu bar, go to System > Inputs. From the dropdown, select the kind of input you would like to set up. Currently, Rookout only supports GELF UDP and press Launch new input. Choose a node, a title, and also which port to use. Click Save.

  2. On the Rookout management interface, in the Breakpoints pane, from the "Breakpoint Actions" drop down, select "Create New Template".

  3. Copy the contents of rule.json to the template editor. Note the target parameters on line 38, and the message to log on line 33. You can edit this as you wish, using data from your app (see general documentation).

  4. Select your new template from the "Breakpoint type" drop down, and click next to the line in the code you wish to use this Breakpoint one.

  5. Check that the messages have arrived to your Graylog server.

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