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Rookout + Prometheus

Rookout can be configured to send notifications arriving from your application to a Prometheus project.


  1. Start by making sure you have a functional prometheus server.

  2. Setup Rookout

  3. Log into Rookout's webapp

  4. In the right panel (Breakpoint) click on the menu button

    Breakpoint actions menu

  5. Click on Create new template in order to edit a new Breakpoint template

    Create new template button

  6. Copy the Prometheus Breakpoint template available here into the editor and replace the default Breakpoint template.

  7. Click the save icon to save the template

    Click Save Icon


Once you added the Breakpoint, you can replace the hosts to one or more Prometheus hosts Change the items dictionary to output any information that you need to send

"operations": [
		"url": "YOUR_URL",
		"metrics": {
		  "yourInteger": "store.rookout.frame.yourInteger",
		  "yourFloat": "store.rookout.frame.yourFloat"
		"counters":["my_counter", "another_counter"],
		"job": "prometheus_job",
		"name": "prometheus"
  1. Check that the messages have arrived to your Prometheus.


If you have any questions, contact us at

Further Reading

Find out more in our Documentation

For more information on Breakpoint Scripting check out our documentation breakpoint scripting section

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