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Rookout + Sentry

Rookout can be configured to send notifications arriving from your application to a Sentry project.


  1. Start by making sure you have a Sentry project DSN path (also referred as Client Key) in order to use this Breakpoint. If you do not already have a key, you can fetch it from Settings > sentry > PROJECT_NAME > Client Keys (DSN)

  2. On the Rookout management interface, in the Breakpoints pane, from the "Breakpoint Actions" drop down, select "Create New Template".

  3. Copy and replace the contents of (node\python)_rule.json to the template editor.

  4. Paste your Sentry DSN path you generated on line 12 instead of YOUR_DSN.

  5. You can edit template configuration as you wish to select where to send the alerts and to add a custom message or remove unnecessary variables.

    Line Attribute Description
    7 format Template describing what info the log will send
    13 tags Optional tags that will appear in your logs
  6. Save the template by clicking the save icon next to its title in the file explorer

  7. Select your new template from the "Breakpoint type" drop down, and click next to the line in the code you wish to use this Breakpoint one.

  8. Check that the messages have arrived to your Sentry.

For more information on Breakpoint Scripting check out our documentation

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