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Roon Extension to provide source switching, standby, and volume control for Devialet's Expert via RS232

This extension connects to your Devialet Expert via RS232, and allows Roon to control it's volume in-app, as well as standby and source switching.

For example, let's say you have your Expert hooked up via USB.

$a device to a network bridge device like the Sonic Orbiter or MicroRendu., like the �bbbbvia SPDIF�b.

After running this extension and connecting it to your zone,

Configure your Expert:

  • Link speed: 115200
  • Identifier: Devialet
  • Mode -> Command Acknowledge = TRUE
  • Mode -> Auto Cchange notification = TRUE
  • Mode -> Echo chaining = FALSE


var DevialetExpert = require("node-devialet-expert");
var d = new DevialetExpert();

Listening to events:

d.on('status', function(status) { });
d.on('changed', function(property, value) { });

status can be one of the following:

  • 'connecting'
  • 'initializing'
  • 'connected'
  • 'disconnected'

property can be one of the following:

  • 'power'
  • 'volume'
  • 'source'
  • 'mute'
  • 'phase'
  • 'preout'
  • 'riaa'
  • 'subsonic_filter'
  • 'subwoofer'

Starting/Stopping the connection to the Devialet Expert device:

d.start(port, baud);
  • port should be like '/dev/cu.usbserial' or something similar on MacOS or Linux, or 'COM3' on Windows
  • baud should be like 115200, or whatever you configured your Devialet to be (see above)