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This is an easy to use nsp builder that will make rediction nsps or Retroarch Forwarders out of Nros

Whats New:

Beta Release:

v3.3.2 Beta 3:

  • Fixed Hbmenu Forwarder would crash when exiting a loaded nro
  • Fixed Logs deleting/missing build information
  • Added more logos in logo folder (Credits: jnackmclain) Beta 2:
  • Fixed Logo error when build failed and another build was attempted
  • Minor stabilty tweaks
  • Changed "set logos as default" to a check box instead of a diaglog box
  • "No logo" option now sets icons to black in logo menu
  • Code clean up
  • Small changes to update notifications Beta 1 :
  • Added application update notifcations with downloading (beta/stable setting - beta is enabled by default)
  • Fixed Icon loss of quality even if conversion isnt required (.jpg/.jpeg 256x256 doesnt need conversion)
  • Can import .nro data from Icon box now (either icon only or icon and all meta)
  • Added changelog option with update notification
  • Added Logo Menu in settings (rec sizes logo:160x40 Animation:256x80)
  • Added version checks
  • Various loggger additions
  • Added Logos to Logo folder (Credits: JAS, jnackmclain, Jafece)

Please Note this is beta and it may experiance bugs/issues, please report them so I can clean them up before Stable releases

Stable Release:


  • Removed Popup for Select User Account
  • Stability Improvements


  • Fixed lockup when selecting (+) on forwarder nro when loaded in the background
  • Devkitpro no longer needed (Thanks Natinusala)
  • Retroarch rom forwarders now supported (Thanks Natinusala)
  • Tweaks to NACP and NPDM building
  • Added core database (./Resources/cores.xml)
  • Added rom path database (./Resources/paths.xml)
  • Fixed directory cleaning
  • Fixed special characters displaying as (?) -- Limtied to Switch's Character Library
  • Fixed crash if icon was set and then an icon was loaded from a .nro
  • Will only clear the icon if build is successful
  • Fixed rolling id would count when build failed
  • Custom error handling, no more crashes for incorrect paths (Nothing fancy but you shouldnt normally see this)


  • Keys.dat file added to the "Resources" folder -- refer to "keys.dat template for layout and required keys
  • .NetFramework - For Windows
  • Mono - for Mac or Linux

Special notes:

  • If you're getting an error "234C02" when installing, then your cfw patches are wrong/missing.
  • To load Meta information from .nro automatically, load the .nro by clicking "romfs" and choose yes. This will automatically load all the information from the .nro. If you want to use sdmc then select "sdmc" after and use as normal -- may incorperate import button instead if requested
  • Some nros are not working with romfs (old tinfoil, dOPUS) use sdmc for those for now
  • Title ids now follow (05xxxxxxxxxx0000)
  • Mac and linux may experiance bugs or weird issues due to mono (First launch may take a while to load, be paitent / ui looks less pleasing as well)
  • Big changes have been made in the code, bugs maybe be present. If found please report them.

How to run:


  • Run Nro2Nsp.exe


  • Open
  • cd to folder location


cd Desktop/Nro2Nsp
  • Then type
sudo mono --arch=32 ./Nro2Nsp.exe 
  • Linux users report that --arch=32 is not supported and not needed


Standard Nro Forwarder

  • Add you nsp details


     AppName:  TestApp
     Title Id: 05000F2300000000 *Must be 16 Characters long in hex form and start with 05*    
     Made by:  MtX         	
     Version:  1.0.0
  • Import your icon by clicking the icon box

  • You have two choices for paths

    sdmc: For loading an nro from an sd path Nsp does not contain the nro, it only points to it


sdmc: /switch/tinfoil/tinfoil.nro    

Please note that paths must be exact (case sensitive) and will throw a system error if theres no mathing .nro

romfs: For building nro internally of thr nsp, pick your nro and it should do the rest Does not need tinfoil on the sd card ex:

romfs: /tinfoil.nro 

Retroarch Rom Forwarder

  • Add you nsp details ex:
     AppName:  Super Mario World
     Title Id: 05000F2300000000 *Must be 16 Characters long in hex form and start with 05    
     Made by:  Retroarch          	
     Version:  1.0.0
  • Core Path: Path to the core to load for the rom ex:
sdmc:  /retroarch/cores/snes9x_libretro_libnx.nro
  • Rom Path: Path to the Rom to load
sdmc:  /Roms/Snes/Super Mario World.smc
  • Click the compile Button
  • Wait for compiling to finsh
  • Your .Nsp should be good to go!

XML Editing:

Cores.xml - Preset core list for retorarch with paths

  • layout ex:
  <name>Nintendo - Quicknes</name> 
  <name>Super Nintendo - Snex9x</name> 
  • name: Name of core
  • path: Path to the core
  • show: If set to anything but true it will be hidden

paths.xml - Preset rom path for where system roms are located

  • layout ex:
  <name>Nintendo 64</name> 
   <name>Nintendo 64</name> 
  • name: Name of the System
  • path: Path to the rom directory per system
  • show: If set to anything but true it will be hidden


  • Preset Author: Set the default Author, to speed things up if using the same one
  • Rolling Title Id: Set the base Title Id and after each build it'll increase by 1
  • Perserve Data: Saves exefs, contol, and nca data in ./RawData folder
  • Old Style Title Id: Use old style title key format "05XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"



  • fix file permissions for linux/mac to remove sudo command
  • better intergration for Mac
  • change the ui (may require some help)
  • fix certain .nros not working with romfs