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What is iGap?

iGap is a messaging application and has been created using all latest modern technologies. iGap allows all users and programmers to use all its features, possibilities and potentials.

How is iGap practical?

The most important and practical part of iGap is information exchange between users as texts and/or files. Besides, the programmers are able to create their own software utilizing OPEN APi of iGap and then meet all their needs.

Why iGap?

Safety: using combined and developed algorithms in encrypting information in iGap app has been considered as the prior to creators. Thus, all information including chats, channels and even files have been already encrypted.

Individual Chat: a possibility to chat. Two users can be provided to chat together in iGap and share files and texts by sending to each other.

Group Chat: a possibility to chat. Several users are allowed to chat in group and share their files and texts all together in iGap app.

Private and Public Channels: it is possible to create private and public pages as channels and then share the information and files with millions of users in iGap.

Everything for Free: in iGap app everything is thoroughly free including features and services. Also there are no internal advertising apps in this system.

What is iGap-APi?

The programmers and managers of iGap believe that preparing a safe and secure space for public with regard to the increasing need to communicating systems can help all other companies and programmers in order to concentrate more on using parts and meet all their needs with our services.

iGap-APi is a complete and even developing document and provide others with applying the iGap features and infrastructures in their works with the help of wide iGap network.

Developers Guide

Protocol Buffers




Using the iGap infrastructure and utilizing it in personal and/or organizational projects are thoroughly free of charge.


Homepage: https://www.igap.net/
Support: https://support.igap.net/en
Blog: https://blog.igap.net/
Issues: https://github.com/RooyeKhat-Media/iGap-API/issues


RooyeKhat Media was founded in 2015 aiming to create communicative and informative platforms supported by Internet and network on the basis of modern technology. We focus on the fields of designing, programming, supporting communicative and media software on mobile phones and tablets.


iGap is released under the GNU Affero General Public License . This Free Software Foundation license is fairly new, and thus we wanted to talk about how this license differs from GPL.