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A set of Dockerfiles and Compose to up and launch a single LEMP node.
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Single Dockerized LEMP Stack

Project Details

This set of dockerfiles and compose run and deploy an LEMP stack on a single node environment including:

  • Nginx (1.14)
  • PHP7-FPM (7.2)
  • MariaDB (10.3)

and all based on Alpine Linux 3.8 as the base image.

Up n Launch

To run and launch the LEMP stack, first install docker-compose and git on the Docker host and then run these commands:

  git clone \
  && cd single_dockerized_lemp_stack \
  && docker-compose up -d --build

Environment Variables

Before running the stack, change default environment variables for mariadb service in docker-compose.yml:

  - MYSQL_USER=username
  - MYSQL_PASSWORD=myPassword
  - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=rootPassword

also define a DOMAIN_NAME binded to a valid IP address and EMAIL_ADDRESS for nginx service for running Let's Encrypt Certbot successfully.


IMPORTANT: Stack uses Let's Encrypt to make HTTPS connections by default, so DO run the stack with a valid domain name binded to a valid IP address. (It doesn't run on localhost)

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