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Scotch Hop Web Development

This is the web site for the annual Linlithgow Scotch Hop - Scottish Dancing For All, in Linlithgow Palace, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots.

The development files, and the resulting files to be copied to the live site, are maintained in GitHub (

Files for the Website

Directory/folder "out/" contains all the files to be uploaded to the live website ( including this one.

Development Files

(root of filesystem, as stored in GitHub etc)
|- .gitignore
|- .gitattributes
|- .git/ (in a cloned git repo)
|-  package.json
|-  node_modules/ (when docpad installed as described)
|-  src/
|    |-  render/   # previously named "documents" (includes
|    |-  static/   # previously named "files"
|    |-  layouts/
|    |-  partials/
|    |-  data/
|-  out/

Some files (.gitignore, .gitattributes) control how git handles the remaining files. Folder .git is created when the repository is cloned, it is not in GitHub.

Files and package.json relate to the Docpad build environment (see below).

The bulk of the source files etc (used to build the files in "out/") are in directory/folder "src/".

File is essentially this file, which you are reading. It is also symlinked into src/render/ (as to make it visible in the live website, and testable in the development environment. Some implementations of git may remove the symlink, making a separate file which should be maintained identical manually.

Build Environment - Docpad

The html file(s) in out/, and the content of the other folders there, are derived or copied from files in the src/ tree, using Docpad ( version 6.78.4. To continue development in the same way, you will need to have Docpad on your machine, and a few extra modules (as defined in package.json). Docpad also requires Node.js ( to be installed.

After cloning the git repo and installing docpad etc on your machine, you will need to install the required plugins in the repo (they are not part of the commit, but the list of required plugins is).
docpad update #run this in the top level of the git repo

We hope that the description here will help future developers, whether they continue to use Docpad or choose to use something else.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

There is no point in re-inventing the wheel. So we make use of several freely available resources.

Bootstrap ( version 3.3.6 is used extensively for the main layout features. FontAwesome ( version 4.6.3 is used to provide some of the graphics used in the site.
Rather than maintain our own copy of the Bootstrap and FontAwesome files, the site sources them both from

The Google Maps API ( is used to display local maps. Google Analytics ( is used to capture minimal data about the users of the live website.

The APIs for Twitter ( and Facebook ( are used to link to our places there (if these don't make our pages too heavy).

From Source Files to Final HTML etc

Docpad, running on your development machine, does the main work to combine the various source files together. Here is an overview of how the main files in src work together in docpad.

The file(s) in src/render define each html file in out/ - Docpad processes the files in render (e.g. in a series of passes to convert to html (e.g. index.html), pulling in content from other files as it goes, under the control of data in each file. We also place CSS files there, in folder styles/, so that pre-processors such as LESS can be used.

Each file in src/render/ references a file in src/layouts which establishes the overall html + head + body structure, linking to external packages of CSS, Javascript etc (e.g. Bootstrap, FontAwesome, Google, Twitter, Facebook).

Files in src/partials/ are referenced by those in documents to form the complete page, for easier development (and re-use) of the separate partials. These too can be processed by Docpad to augment their content. A few are worthy of separate description - see below.

Files in src/static/ are copied unmodified to out/ by Docpad. This includes images, CSS and Javascript.

Files in src/data/ are used by others (e.g. .eco files in src/ or src/partials/) - see below.

Main file - render/

This is the primary file for the site - it implements the major tabs of the user interface, allowing fast switches between the content panels without referring back to the server.

Here we describe the relationship of the various other files (mostly in partials) to the resulting page layout.

The header defines our tartan, plus our organisation name. The Navigation area uses Bootstrap-style classes and ids to show/hide the various tab panels. The tab panels and their classes/ids are defined in, wrapped around the content of each panel, which is in separate partials (one or two per tab).

Google Analytics code is contained in a further partial.

The overall page layout uses Bootstrap CSS classes etc to implement a series of nested tables. The layout changes at various standard Bootstrap sizes to accommodate devices from mobile phones to large screens. In a few cases (mainly to do with our tartan logo, and the background image), the break is controlled by explicit CSS outside of Bootstrap.

In a few cases, we have found additional CSS (in folder myCSS) is needed to cope with interactions between Bootstrap and other technologies (Facebook/Twitter/Google).

Dance Programmes from YAML databases

Rather than hand-write html for each dance programme, we maintain the programmes, and related information about each dance, and each band/soloist, in a set of YAML data files in src/data/.

One partial file ( included in the main site (index.html) processes the yaml to create the programme for that year only.

A separate file src/render/ scans the whole of our programmes database to construct a display of all our programmes over the years, which is sometimes useful when planning future programmes.

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