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This is a 32 bit ARM based Motion controller for 3D printers, CNC Machines and Laser cutters. Like Azteeg x5 mini But Differ smoothieboard Runs on LPC17XX Based firmware . the powerful 32bit, NXP LPC1768 ARM chip capable of faster calculations for faster and smoother movements without breaking a sweat.

32BIT NPC LPC1768 ARM processor. Compatible with LPC1768 based firmeware 5 Driver sockets For A4988 (default is 1/16 micro stepping) or DRV8825 (default is 1/16 micro stepping 1 High Current Mosfet for Heat bed control 1 Mosfet for Hotend control 1 FAN Mosfet 4 end stops and 2 thermistor inputs Wide input high efficiency switching Power supply (5v @ 1A max) Micro SD card slot built in

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