Create an inexpensive open-source project for a BeagleBone cape quadcopter
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Snoopy Copter

The quadcopter project got a rename recently. Named for the popular Peanuts character Snoopy, who always dreamed of flight, our flying Beaglebone will hopefully aid Snoopy in his quest to defeat the Red Baron!

Create an inexpensive open-source project for a BeagleBone cape quadcopter. As of the beginning of April, 2014, we have flight! Some videos of the initial flight testing are located here. Since then, the quadcopter has gotten easier to fly and more stable.


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421 grams!

Project Use

All of the quadcopter side code is located in I2C Bitbang. Control algorithm specific code is here.

Note: the master_rev2 branch is the current development branch.


All software and hardware designs (frame, circuit board, etc.) here are under Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share-Alike V3.0 License, located here.