A great, simple, penguin based easter egg
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Penguin Easter Egg

So the deal is there is somewhere on the page that when you click, a wee penguin appears and dissapears!


  1. find somewhere on your site which will trigger the attack (I generally use somewhere on the nav or header), and assign the correct class to it. I have done this in penguin.html line 14

  2. Place a penguin image (or your own image) on the bottom of the page (I generally go under the footer) and hide it from the page with css

  3. paste in the code in penguin.js into the approriate area in your JS for penguin based fun to begin! Do bear in mind that if you are using another image, you may need to adjust the coordinates

For a demo, go to my current travel blog rosie-brigham.github.io and click the icon of the seal in the top left corner on the home page