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rsm is a utility library that contains different utilities for different purposes. It`s basically different tools I tend to reprogram with every project that I decided to centralise in a library. It is programmed in C++ and requires C++11.

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  • Any
    • Type-erasure class for generic storage
    • Easy to use(copyable, movable)
  • Config
    • Allow you to read from a configuration file
    • Default Configuration type is a Key=Value type
    • Allow declaration of custom configuration type
  • Logger
    • Easy to use logger
    • Two provided log device:
      • To stdout
      • To file
  • Matrix
    • Matrix class for easier usage of matrix
    • Safe and easy to use with operator()
  • Message Dispatcher
    • Lightweight Message class to ship any kind of message
    • Virtual Message Handler to handle messages using a key=> message type association
    • Async Message Dispatcher to dispatch messages in a asynchronous way
    • Or monothread Message Dispatcher to dispatch the messages when you want
  • Timer
    • Timer that can trigger a callback when timed out
    • Can also trigger a callback when interrupted


The library is distributed under the zlib/png license. This basically means you can use rsm in any project(commercial or not, proprietary or open-source) for free. There is no restriction to the use. You don't even need to mention rsm or me, though it would be appreciated.

Written by Jean-Sébastien Fauteux