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WARNING! This project has moved here (as a Maven module)

PentahoTransparentAuthentication plugin

This project contains the source files of the PentahoTransparentAuthentication plugin for Pentaho

How to build it yourself

First, clone and mvn install pentaho-authentication-ext. The related artifact must be in your local m2 for the current build to work.

Clone pentaho-transparent-authentication-plugin in a folder placed at the same level of pentaho-authentication-ext. Doing so you will be able to build the project without renaiming the relative path property java-lib-project.

Now execute:

mvn package

The build will produce a file named PentahoTransparentAuthentication-<version>.zip in the target directory. This is effectively the final artifact that is downloaded when you install the plugin from the Pentaho Marketplace.

For a local development, you can simply unpack the file to the system directory of Pentaho. In the project there also is an utility Ant file that will do that for you: dev-build.xml.

Just modify the properties in the file and run the target named deploy-unpack.

Future development

In the near future this project will be probably moved to a multi module Maven project, in order to avoid the file system dependency to pentaho-authentication-ext. Which is kinda ugly, I know.


A plugin for Pentaho Business Intelligence Server that provides transparent authentication capabilities




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