Pure C# 3D real time physics simulation library. Repo contains only the 1.X.X versions.
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BEPUphysics is a pure C# 3D physics library by BEPU. It's fast and has a bunch of cool features like constraints, terrain, static and instanced meshes, continuous collision detection, custom collision rules, vehicles, easy multithreading, yadda yadda yadda.

Stuff you'll find in this repository:

  1. BEPUphysics, the physics simulation library
  2. BEPUik, the simulation-based inverse kinematics solver library
  3. BEPUphysicsDemos, the demonstration and test application for the above, along with its debug renderer.
  4. Documentation and supplemental isolated demo applications.

Just starting out? Check out the Getting Started tutorial in the documentation section.

Check the documentation page for some deeper dives, isolated demos, and links to additional resources.

The library uses its own math libraries for cross platform development. The demo applications rely on monogame.

This repository contains the v1.X.X implementation of BEPUphysics that used to be hosted on codeplex. In the future, there will be another repository for the new v2.X.X implementation, which is pretty much a complete rewrite. Check out the scratchpad repository for some early bits and pieces.

For discussions about BEPUphysics, please head to the BEPUphysics forums.

If you're looking for more BEPU-related stuff, head to the main BEPU website.

If you're feeling angelic, you can throw money at us: