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Option 0: The new, under-development installer script:
$ curl | /bin/bash
The best way to install Gypsum on OS X is to use Homebrew (
First, install XQuartz from and Homebrew (if you don't
already have it). Due to differences in license terms, you have to explicitly
install each of these. Then install Pike.
Option 1: Open a Terminal and type:
$ echo 'WAIT! Did you read the paragraph at the top of this file?'
$ echo 'Go back and read that first. And do it. Thanks!'
$ brew install pike
$ pike -e GTK2.setup_gtk
The second command should produce no output. If it says that setup_gtk is not
present in module GTK, try other installation options.
Option 2: In the terminal, type:
$ brew uninstall pike
$ brew install --build-from-source pike
$ pike -e GTK2.setup_gtk
Again, if this produces an error, try option 3:
$ brew uninstall pike
$ curl -O
$ sudo tar xf pike.tgz -C /
$ pike -e GTK2.setup_gtk
The tar command may spew error messages. I still haven't pinned down exactly
why, but El Capitan seems to be different from Mavericks in this. It may or may
not have succeeded.
Finally, install and run Gypsum:
$ curl -OL
$ unzip
$ cd gypsum-master
$ pike gypsum
Creating a shortcut/program/application to do the "pike gypsum" at the end is
left as an exercise for the reader :)
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