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.Xmodmap En-repo an .Xmodmap that blocks those pesky mouse back/forward buttons Jul 10, 2016
.gitignore pricewatch: Retain stats from one run to the next, highlighting chang… Aug 27, 2018 7015: En-repo public info about my 7015 campaign Oct 29, 2017 CarePackage: Add chocolate sugar Feb 12, 2017 choc-ripple: More clearly define the biscuit required Dec 16, 2016
Clips Clips: Fix file name Jun 19, 2018
Dollface.txt Dollface: Add canonical link Jul 25, 2016 Italicize all Elsa's words in 'Forever' Mar 24, 2015 Add 'Forever (reprise)' subtitles Mar 26, 2015 PossPie: Mention pie cooking time Jun 22, 2017 Add a couple more quotes (and rerandomize) Feb 1, 2016 Add a couple more quotes (and rerandomize) Feb 1, 2016 Kytheon: Remove stuff that I'm now satisfied with ('git watch') Apr 14, 2017
LICENSE Update year Jul 4, 2017
LifeIsStrange_soundtrack.txt LIS: Add a few more tidbits, up to the point where the game crashed o… Dec 27, 2016
LooneyTunes.txt Suppress blank keywords May 18, 2015 Oops - italicize the marked lines Mar 26, 2015
PineapplePoll Pineapple Poll: Second pass provides corrections Dec 18, 2015 "Mention" the .srt files in README Dec 5, 2014 Add 'Reindeer' subtitles Mar 26, 2015 Ensure that all subtitle entries are single lines Mar 23, 2015 Add Olaf's little thought Mar 24, 2015
Tapped.png En-repo an old joke Aug 6, 2018 ThinkfulWorkshop: en-repo some notes on how to do this Aug 11, 2017 Expand non-standard abbreviation TS May 15, 2016
TwitchClips TwitchClips: Add two awesome clips from today! Mar 26, 2018 Update the TCP with the IPs Jul 3, 2018 Update the TCP with the IPs Jul 3, 2018
Yüce Lütuf Sesi Tatlı (Türk Hristiyan ilahisi) En-repo subs file for Amazing Grace Nov 5, 2016
_mythbusters.txt Update Mythbusters from Wikipedia Apr 4, 2016 acasbouncer: Clean up unnecessary imports Feb 7, 2017
addaudio.pike addaudio: Prefer the name ffmpeg over avconv May 23, 2018
addtranslit.pike addtranslit: New script to add transliterations underneath things Aug 21, 2015
analyzefrac.pike En-repo my notetaking file from exploration of Fermat's Little Theorem Apr 28, 2015
ann2srt.pike ann2srt: New script to convert annotations XML files from youtube-dl … Dec 15, 2014
argshuf.pike En-repo a quick arg shuffler Jan 4, 2018
at.pike at: Add note about a way to do a path search easily enough ish Feb 6, 2015
beehive-anthem.txt beehive-anthem: Add a new Anthem clip Mar 24, 2018
bingo.html bingo: Make standards-compliant HTML5 Nov 16, 2018
bluray2mkv.pike bluray2mkv: Add another ISO Jan 20, 2016
branch branch: Permit current-branch-master usage Aug 16, 2016
branchcleanup.pike branchcleanup: En-repo script formerly used exclusively in appension Nov 13, 2015
burdayim.pike burdayim: Add a TODO May 7, 2017
casefix.pike casefix: En-repo an old script for cleaning up internal path refs tha… Apr 28, 2015
cdless cdless: Write to pipe in non-blocking mode so we don't get stuck if '… Sep 2, 2015 chalices: Add info about "all survive" chance Jan 23, 2017 En-repo a quick way of finding out how many views per follower channe… Sep 3, 2018 Break long list across lines Oct 22, 2015
chocolate.pike Add a new script with no explanation beyond "Everything's better with… Jun 6, 2015 circum: En-repo a trivial little script Jul 14, 2015
clip.pike clip: Utility script to allow movie clipping using SRT time format Mar 25, 2015 consts: Add another example, with disassembly Jun 23, 2018
cpustats.pike cpustats: Switch graph order to match code order Oct 19, 2015
crop.pike crop: Allow selection of a different pic May 31, 2015
css-fizz-buzz.html css-fizz-buzz: Toss in a bit of proof that CSS can do (nearly) anything! Dec 8, 2017 cwk2txt: Allow multiple markers Feb 16, 2015
datename.pike DateName: New script to rename files according to one of their date/t… Sep 25, 2014 december: Fix srt indices May 31, 2015
decode_assets.pike En-repo a messing-around script for UE4 asset decoding Aug 8, 2017
devirave.html devirave: And to her web site May 22, 2018 devisub: Update datestamps Nov 12, 2018
dhcpmon.pike DHCPMon: New script to manage /etc/hosts based on DHCP leases Jan 10, 2015 En-repo my dirwatch script for Yosemite Jan 9, 2015
dlgremove.pike dlgremove: Remove debug path Oct 11, 2016
double_compile.pike Do one build in the main process, so stderr is visible etc Oct 11, 2016
draw_on_ef.pike Tinker with drawing on EF Jan 22, 2016
duplicate.pike duplicate: New script to spin up a duplicate directory, using hard li… Mar 27, 2015
duration.pike En-repo a quick script to sum the lengths of a bunch of audio files Jan 4, 2018 Add a POC empty-set translation, per python-ideas Jun 28, 2014
factorio factorio: Clarify the inserter's mode Aug 21, 2017
fetch_gideon.pike FetchGideon: Schedule self using at.pike Feb 6, 2015
find_dups.pike find_dups: Allow specification of a starting directory Aug 6, 2015
find_traffic.pike find_traffic: Show routing after whois due to the spamminess of whois Aug 4, 2016
fuzzyname.pike fuzzy: New script to fuzzy-match file names and rename (WIP) Aug 14, 2016
git-deploy git-deploy: Guard against being run with unstaged changes Mar 29, 2017
git-ignore git-ignore: Accept the possibility of no files to remove Nov 20, 2016
git-perms git-perms: Base-64 encode file names to single lines Nov 20, 2016
git-triangle git-triangle: Add a TODO Nov 13, 2017
git-watch git-watch: Reword TODO - this is the way I want to do this Jun 22, 2017
git-woof git-woof: En-repo a small joke in honour of Abraham and Scott from Th… Mar 16, 2018
githook.pike githook: Acknowledge change to Markdown for invoices Aug 24, 2017
glob.pike glob: Cope with path-not-found or other errors by just returning the … Jul 28, 2014
gtksignals.pike GTKSignals: Debug/analysis script for GTK signals Feb 24, 2016 hammer: Clean up the table afterward Jun 15, 2015
heryeriparlak heryeriparlak: Singular May 6, 2017
hymns.txt hymns: Record the Youtube Hymn Playlist's contents Jan 13, 2017
icon_press.pike Remove the icon when clicked - POC Jan 23, 2016
img_grid.pike img_grid: Stitch together emote images Aug 12, 2017
img_transform.pike img_transform: Add final-step invert (negative) option Dec 26, 2014
key_test.pike key_test: More perf notes Jun 15, 2015 linelength: Reword help text Dec 28, 2015
listips.c listips: En-repo a little C proglet Apr 28, 2015
log.pike log: Note down that Pike 8.1 does support the feature we're looking for Nov 10, 2014
looneytunes.pike LooneyTunes: Auto-suppress blank keywords May 18, 2015 manacurve: Add a fairly important TODO May 18, 2017
mandelbrot.pike Mandelbrot: Show some info in the window title Jul 27, 2014
mono_audio mono_audio: En-repo a quick script for monofying media files Mar 17, 2016
mythbusters.pike Mythbusters: Strip ref tags Oct 19, 2015
namegen.pike namegen: Implement :) Apr 27, 2016
netstats.pike netstats: Display packet counts as well as bytes of throughput Dec 8, 2017
network.pike network: En-repo a failed attempt to play with a DataBox Apr 28, 2015
oldest.pike oldest: Also catch blocks that end at the end of the file Nov 10, 2014
oscilloscope.pike oscilloscope: En-repo some microphone tinkering Apr 27, 2016 outcasts: Add subs for 'God Help the Outcasts' Jul 10, 2016
param.pike param: Widen the EF Oct 1, 2015
patchpatch.pike patchpatch: Signal errors with exceptions Apr 23, 2018
pkgsources.pike pkgsources: En-repo a quicky script for tracking down apt source usage Sep 20, 2016 PlayISO: New script for mounting, playing, and unmounting a DVD .iso May 4, 2014
pmm2maildir.pike PMM2Maildir: Bugfix oopsie Mar 26, 2014
popup.pike popup: Little script to make MessageDialogs on demand Dec 16, 2015 pricewatch: Update top comments Aug 27, 2018
publish-gh-pages publish-gh-pages: Deprecate in favour of git-deploy Mar 29, 2017
pull pull: New script to pull changes and invoke gitk to show them Sep 1, 2014
push push: Show the target URL first rather than last Aug 22, 2016
quicksend.pike quicksend: Measure progress by bytes, not file count Feb 19, 2017
rearonly rearonly: Add usage example Oct 14, 2015 RecvDir: Auto-enable and start the new service Feb 23, 2015
redownload_git Add some docos Jan 22, 2016
reinstall.pike reinstall: New script to extract files from .deb archives and reinsta… May 24, 2015
ren.pike Add simple regex renamer script Apr 22, 2014
rename.pike Change scp credentials Aug 12, 2015
reorder.pike En-repo a quickie scriptie Jul 23, 2016
ripcd.pike RipCD: Dispose of junk early (we use the .inf files instead of these) Dec 6, 2015
rosuav_twitch_badges.png Rename for better usability Jul 31, 2018 run_on_change: Demo of pyinotify as a means of invoking files on change Jan 12, 2015
scrabble.pike Scrabble: Add a simple regex tool for finding Scrabble words Jul 1, 2014
scrabbleblock.pike ScrabbleBlock: Oops - bail out when bailing out Jul 22, 2014 seltest: En-repo a mini demo of how 'yield from' works in coroutines Aug 12, 2016 SendDir: Terminate more abruptly when we see a T-888 Feb 19, 2015
similar.pike similar: En-repo a quick diffing tool Oct 3, 2015
smf_audit.pike smf_audit: Patch errant files by removing bad events and saving to a … Apr 23, 2018
sort_mapping.pike sort_mapping: Rename to SortIterator as it's more than just mappings Nov 5, 2015 spacedrep: En-repo an algorithmic demo Aug 31, 2016
splitdvd.pike Prefer ffmpeg May 6, 2016 En-repo a bit of maths Jun 7, 2017
srtmerge.pike srtmerge: Strip blank lines from paragraphs Aug 29, 2016
srtoffset.pike srtoffset: Correctly handle negative offsets Jul 8, 2017
srtplot.pike srtplot: Comment the odd but valid usage Aug 15, 2015
srtzip.pike srtzip: Avoid repositioning empty paragraphs Aug 17, 2016
sslclient_slow.pike En-repo an SSL client for more testing Sep 15, 2017
sslserver.pike sslserver: Switch to buffered mode Sep 8, 2017
sslserver_nonblocking.pike sslserver: Give a couple of greetings to test the callbacks Sep 29, 2017
steamguard steamguard: Accept a password at the terminal (good for remote logins!) Mar 9, 2018
steganog.pike Steganog: Demo script showing how easy image steganography is Jul 20, 2016
stickymonitor.pike stickymonitor: Automatically full-screen OBS projector windows May 4, 2018
stills.pike stills: Merge two steps into one thanks to advice from Luca Barbato o… Jul 16, 2015
stock_icons.pike Show more info about the event Jan 22, 2016
sudokucube.pike sudokucube: Build a one-face solver Feb 5, 2016
tcp_over_dns.pike tod: Correct the IP Oct 25, 2017
textemotes.html Update final HTML based on latest results Sep 14, 2017
textemotes.pike textemotes: Mention the pretty-printed version I've been using for te… Mar 18, 2018
throughput.pike throughput: En-repo a PostgreSQL throughput hammerer Jul 30, 2016
translit.pike Translit: Add capital ye translit Jun 6, 2017
ts.pike ts: En-repo a toy program for playing with the function… Apr 28, 2015
twitchviewers.pike twitchviewers: Oops - don't halt because of ourselves.... Aug 17, 2017
udp.pike udp: Increase throughput May 6, 2017
undoublerar.pike UnDoubleRAR: Deal with another bit of data mess... Feb 7, 2015 uniname: Add support for multi-word expressions May 22, 2017
unzip.pike unzip: Comment-link with Gypsum Oct 31, 2015
use_ssh Mark script executable Feb 5, 2017
vboxproc.pike vboxproc: New script to enumerate VirtualBox process IDs and their ru… Jul 25, 2014
warpptr.c WarpPtr: Simple wrapper around XWarpPointer for command-line use. Feb 14, 2015
whatis whatis: Use /usr/bin/env Nov 3, 2015
winemount winemount: Automatically assign a drive letter to the new drive Jan 7, 2017
wol.pike wol: En-repo a little Wake-On-LAN script that I'm not actually even u… Apr 28, 2015
wordsearch.pike Show lengths of words found Apr 29, 2017
wpa_config.pike wpa_config: Silently skip ones that error out Oct 25, 2017
wpa_dhcp.pike wpa_dhcp: Allow parameterization of the device name Nov 20, 2016
ws_throughput.pike ws_throughput: En-repo a Pike version of the client too Mar 4, 2017 ws_throughput: Increase packet size Mar 4, 2017
xptv_to_avconv.pike Add script for parsing PiTiVi project files and doing the equiv with … Apr 22, 2014 En-repo a different way to randomize a VLC playlist Aug 20, 2018
yt-queue-pump Change the script name in the self-documentation constant (not actual… Apr 5, 2017


Toolshed - random bits and bobs of utility.

The files in this repository are mostly stand-alone tools, each with its own purpose. Check for individual code comments. Some aren't even code, and may be under-explained due to file format restrictions; look for programs in the toolshed that make use of them.