Arduino vs Arduino BattleShips
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#Arduino BattleShips:

This project allows two Arduino devices to play battleships against each other, whilst spectators watch.

Each Arduino sends a registration signal to the server, passing its 5 boats. Once both players have registered the server will inform them of who will go first, players will then take it in turn to make moves.

Each time a move is made, both players and all spectators will be informed of the result. There are three possible results of a move:

  • hit: The move hit a ship
  • miss: The move missed all ships
  • sunk: The move hit a ship and sunk it

When One player sinks all the ships of another a game over message will be sent from the server

Error handling isn't so great right now so just restart is something goes badly wrong.

##Setup - Server

You Need:

  1. Download this repository
  2. Run bundle install
  3. Run the server by navigating to the project directory in your terminal and running: thin start
    • This will start the server at: http://localhost:3000, and open a websocket on port 2999.
  4. Open the web page before starting your Arduino in order see the game as it is played.

##Setup - Arduino

  1. Download and run the Arduino Environment

  2. Open the sample Arduino file: Arduino > Battleships.ino file provided

    • Some newer versions of the Arduino environment seem to dramitacally fail at opening the included file. If this happens just copy the content into a new Arduino sketch.
  3. In the top menu use: Sketch > Import Library > Add .ZIP Library to import the two provided libraries:

    • Arduino-WebSocket
    • ArduinoJson
  4. Connect the ethernet shield to the Arduino and to the network

  5. Plug in the Arduino USB

  6. Change the hostString[] and server[] variables to match your IP address

  7. Change the last four sections of the mac[] variable to either something random, or the Mac address that came with your ethernet shield

  8. You should now be able to upload the sketch to your Arduino.

    • Make sure you have selected the correct board and port under the Tools menu.

Mock the Arduino

If you only have one Arduino it will be very hard for you to test your solution, I recommend using curl or the chrome plugin Simple Web Socket Client to send messages to the server through the web socket.

###Developer Notes Use sass --watch styles.scss:../styles.css to watch for sass updates from the sass directory