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Start page Generator

screenshot.png An example can be found here rotendahl.dk/start

A small utility to generate responsive start pages for you phone, laptop, etc. Most browsers offers a grid that shows you the pages you visit the most.

It's a useful feature but it has some problems.

  • It does not sync between devices
  • If you use different browsers at home and at work they look different.
  • Hard to manage and get the right name and logo.

The utility is made in python 3, it uses the jinja template language, which can be installed with pip3 install jinja.

The links are specified in links.txt and has the following syntax. * Name -> url <- Logo

The name and logo are optional, and are meant for sites where you want a shorter name or a different logo. The logos are taken from clearbit.com/logo if they don't have the logo it can be manually specified. See the links file for examples

Once the links have bin specified you run python generator.py which produces a file called start.html that contains your start page.

If you want a different color scheme change the CSS in template.html and run the generator again.