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What is OTOBO?

OTOBO is an extremely flexible, web-based open-source ticketing tool, used to streamline communication in service organisations such as IT Helpdesks, Customer Service, Call Centers etc.

It provides classical ticketing functionality, a knowledgebase/FAQs with internal and external interface, helps to automate processes and can be extended by an ITSM component with a CMDB to keep track of IT components – or buildings, office plants, cars etc.

OTOBO is a fork based on ((OTRS)) Community Edition, started in 2019 to go back to the roots and offer a 100 % free tool, rooted in a strong community, and backed up by professional business services.

Find a list of features here.


OTOBO is distributed under the GNU General Public License - see the accompanying LICENSE file for more details.


OTOBO documentation can be found at

The source code of OTOBO and its extension modules is available on GitHub.

Professional Services for OTOBO

OTOBO is a mighty and highly flexible tool. Pretty much everything can be individualized and adapted to your needs. And more often than not there is more than one way to achieve a goal.

No reason to feel overwhelmed, though. We are happy to help adapt the system optimally to your needs, make sure you take full advantage of it, and assist in securing your operations. There’s also a fully managed version of OTOBO if you do not want to take care of that yourself.

We are Rother OSS GmbH, source code owner of OTOBO. Founder Stefan Rother was first employee of OTRS GmbH back in 2004, and created Rother OSS when he left there in 2011. We have been working with the ticketing tool ever since, and know what we are doing.

Read more about

Or directly get in touch.

Software requirements

The software and hardware requirements can be found in our documentation.

How to contribute

We take the open-source idea very seriously and explicitly invite the community to engage with us.

If you have a request or think you have found a bug, please visit our forums or open an issue on GitHub.

To make our lives a bit easier, please

  • Search the forums before issuing new topics
  • Try to be as precise and complete as possible when reporting bugs – it helps a lot if we know how to reproduce them
  • Use the labels provided on GitHub to categorize your request
  • Start a pull request, if you have implemented a feature or fix yourself.



OTOBO is one of the most flexible web-based ticketing systems used for Customer Service, Help Desk, IT Service Management.



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