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Rotonde is a decentralized social network built upon on dat & beaker.

The JSON structure for the Rotonde API.

In the root directory of the dat there should be a file called portal.json. Its contents has the following structure.

  "name": "cblgh",
  "desc": "the p2p web is here",
  "port": [
  "feed": [
      "message": "welcome to rotonde 2.0",
      "timestamp": 1507846364271
      "message": "check https:\/\/\/rotonde.html for a list of portals to follow",
      "media": "webpage-img.png",
      "timestamp": 1507846314271
      "message": "@neauoire woah that's cool",
      "target": "dat:\/\/2f21e3c122ef0f2555d3a99497710cd875c7b0383f998a2d37c02c042d598485\/",
      "timestamp": 1507846214271
      "message": "dat is so cooool, thanks https:\/\/ & https:\/\/ !",
      "timestamp": 1507846194271,
      "editstamp": 1507846216271
      "message": "I'm excited for this!",
      "timestamp": 1508373135785,
      "target": "dat:\/\/60f134e8fb243fbf4a0f8a252cc9aa09bdcf4ecac2efbcb8455aa01c8a04b4b0\/index.html",
      "ref": "17",
      "quote": {
        "message": "Have also been scrounging a complex set of arena channels that get at some of the ecosystem that exists around rotonde that I'll share shortly",
        "timestamp": 1508371261682
      "message": "psst!",
      "timestamp": 1508381644692,
      "target": "dat:\/\/c1ae9f8b1b10a0df968a157c8b35cd8b32266c657d3aa767751895568146bed4\/",
      "whisper": true
  "dat": "dat:\/\/7f2ef715c36b6cd226102192ba220c73384c32e4beb49601fb3f5bba4719e0c5",
  "site": "https:\/\/"

name your display name

desc a description for you & your portal

port an array of rotonde portals

feed a list of json objects, containing the following attributes

   message required
      a string
   timestamp required
      an int representing the unix time the message was posted
   editstamp optional
      an int representing the unix time of the edit
   target optional
      the destination portal for your message, basically a reply
   media optional
      the name of a media file (.jpg, .png, .gif), relative to the dat's /media/content folder
   whisper optional
      indicates that the target is the sole intended recipient. if it exists its value is set to true
   quote optional
      contains a message. used for replying to, as well as sharing of, a message someone else posted
   ref optional
      identifies a message, currently only used for rotonde's quotes/re-entries

dat the dat url to your rotonde portal

site a string with a link to a website


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