Multi-node video transmitter race timer for drone racing
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RotorHazard Logo


FPV Race Timing and Event Management

A multi-node radio frequency race timing system for FPV drone racing, with event management. Uses 5.8GHz video signals broadcast by drones to trigger lap times. Each node listens on a specified frequency and communicates times to a central server (raspberry pi). The server manages a front-end interface, which any device on the same network can connect to via web browser.

RotorHazard builds on the Delta5 Race Timer, and supports up to 8 nodes.

Major Features

  • Timing and event management on the same hardware
  • Modern, mobile-friendly, and highly responsive user interface
  • Manage pilots, heats, race classes, race formats, and tuning profiles
  • LED and audio support to indicate race staging, starts, and other events
  • Real-time statistics and race history
  • Fine control of filtering and calibration allows indoor and outdoor use, even in difficult multipathing environments
  • Supports all frequencies in the 5.8GHz band

Hardware and Software Setup

To build and configure the system, follow the instructions here: doc/Hardware doc/Software

User Guide

For initial setup and running races, follow these instructions: doc/User

Migrating from/to Delta5

RotorHazard uses the same hardware, but different code for the nodes. Re-flash your Arduinos as in the setup instructions whenever you switch between the two projects.


  • Michael Niggel
  • Eric Thomas
  • Klaus Michael Schneider
  • Scott Chin and other Delta5 Contributors

Supported by:

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  • Dutch: Kenny Van Der Sypt
  • German: Klaus Michael Schneider
  • Spanish: Ramon Hernandez Roldan


Discuss RotorHazard on Facebook:

To report bugs or request features, please post a GitHub issue here.

Community contributions are welcome and encouraged; see the doc for more info.