Planned Development

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Group Customization

  • Add time format i18n to language switching
  • Control LED color by either node, pilot, or team

Event Management

  • Improve display of event description
  • Improve Event page to display heats by classes, show class descriptions, and show only pilots assigned to heats
  • Expose race format details to spectators
  • Sort heat selector by class (optgroup)
  • Add "None" heat for open practice
  • Improve heat slot defaults
  • Implement more win conditions
  • Countdown until race begins (separate from staging time)
  • Expand event statistics (total rounds flown)
  • Provide individual pilot statistics
  • Improve team racing options (name, win conditions)

Calibration and Timing

  • Restore "auto-calibration" as option to seed node values
  • Further improve node accuracy (peak median)
  • Remote node integration (checkpoints/split times)


  • Use HTTPS
  • Service Worker / Home screen install (requires HTTPS)
  • Offline review of event information (local caching of event data)
  • Duplicate existing data types (format, profile)
  • Multithreading for LED effects
  • Explore programming nodes directly from the pi


  • Document new features
  • Provide build guide
  • Provide guidance on shielding
  • Update PCB design for node auto-select; fix jumper connections


  • MultiGP data import
  • Additional modes (CTF)
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