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Accounting Adjustments

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Adjustment Processing


The adjustments processor is capable of complex calculations that affect the gross amount and/or the resulting amount. Adjustments are deductions that apply under certain conditions. Adjustments have a frequency and a calculation method. Frequencies are by collection, day, month etc. whereas the methods are by activity. Adjustments are applied on a per location basis.

For example,

  • an amount is deducted per collection as a collection fee.
  • an amount is deducted per year for annual taxes
  • a percentage of gross is deducted for coin processing
  • service calls are deducted
  • an amount per machine per day.
  • a portion is reserved to repay a capital amount

Withholding Adjustments The adjustment processor is capable of creating adjustments that affect the distribution after the amounts are calculated.

  • Some adjustments are applicable only after the payment amount is calculated and an amount is withheld if specified.
  • Guaranteed adjustments are deducted and may affect the account balance if specified.
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