APNS Setup

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Apple Push Notification Service (APNs) is the transport method that Rover uses for iOS notifications.

Get your Certificate from Apple

Before you can integrate Rover into your iOS apps, there are a handful of steps you must take on the Apple end of things, which require membership in the iOS Developer Program.

You will complete the following steps in the Apple Developer Member Center to obtain the certificate that is required to use APNS.

Find Your Application

In the Apple Developer Members Center, click on Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles under iOS Apps.

Locate your application in the list. (If you haven't created an app yet, click the + symbol and fill out the form, making sure to check the Push Notifications checkbox.)

Click on your app to expand to see that push notifications have a yellow or green status icon. Click Edit.

Create the Certificate

Scroll down to the Push Notification Settings. Under Production SSL certificate click Create Certificate

Follow the instructions Apple has provided on the following page. At the end of those steps, you should have a CertificateSigningRequest.certSigningRequest file ready to upload for the next step. Click continue

Using the Certificate Signing request that was just created, upload it to generate the APNS Push SSL certificate.

On the next page, click the download button to download your certificate. Now you have a certificate, BUT before you can add it to Rover, you must export it to a .p12 file.

Generating the .p12 file

Double click the .cert file and it will open keychain access if you didn't already have it open from previous steps. Under Category on the left, click on My Certificates. Find the certificate you just created and select it.

With your certificate selected that was just added to Keychain Access, go to File -> Export Items... from the menu. Be sure that you have selected the certificate from the My Certificates under the Category menu on the lower left-hand side. If My Certificates is not highlighted, you will not be able to export the certificate as a .p12 file.

When saving the file, use the Personal Information Exchange (.p12) format.

Click Save. You will be asked to add a password to this file. Use whatever password you like. IMPORTANT: This is the password you will use when uploading the file to Rover.

Congratulations, you've successfully created a APNS certificate! Finally we will integrate this into the Rover CMS.

Integrating with Rover

In the Rover Settings app click on iOS.

Click on the + sign to bring up the APNS form.

Add the .p12 certificate file you have generated, and fill in the password you set on it from keychain in the previous step. Click save.

Congratulations, you are now ready to send notifications to iOS devices from Rover.

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