Ruby/Sinatra Project Template
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Since learning Ruby (along with the Sinatra framework) I wanted to set-up a template project that I could refer to whenever starting up a new web based Ruby project.

The name "Passage" is an associated word related to "routing" (which in principle is what the Sinatra framework is most notorious for).


  • Sinatra (gem install sinatra)
  • Thin (gem install thin)
  • Shotgun (gem install shotgun - for testing purposes: it reloads server on every request)


I've got lots to do on this project but a few items I can think of at the moment is...

  • Put together a basic site
  • Enhance it with more dynamic content
  • Look at setting up a database for loading content from
  • Look at setting up a contact form (set-up Class for validation and also look at sending email via Ruby)
  • Look at building XML site map automatically
  • Write a blog post on all my findings

Heroku Hosting

  • Set-up account (
  • Install toolbelt (
  • Open your Command Line Interface (CLI: e.g. Terminal on Mac OS) and enter:
    • heroku login (follow instructions)
    • If you need to run: heroku keys:add to add additional SSH keys
    • heroku create --stack cedar (you can also do: heroku create yourappname --stack cedar)
  • Create file and add the content:
require 'app' # where app is the name of your main file that initializes your web application
run Sinatra::Application
  • Create a Gemfile file (no file extension) and add the content:
source ''
gem 'sinatra', '1.3.2'
gem 'thin', '1.3.1'
  • Open CLI and enter:
    • bundle install
    • Create a Procfile (no file extension) and add the content: web: bundle exec ruby app.rb -p $PORT
      touch Procfile,
      echo web: bundle exec ruby app.rb -p $PORT > Procfile
    • Commit your files using Git (sorry not going into how to use Git here!)
    • If not already, create a remote: git remote add heroku
    • git push heroku master
    • heroku open will open your default browser to the relevant URL