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Source code of my personal website/blog.

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This is the source code of my personal website/blog, which is a static website generated using Next.js.




Available tasks:

  • yarn dev - starts the website in development mode with automatic rebuilding and reloading.
  • yarn build - performs a production build of the website.
  • yarn start - starts a simple server for loading the production build locally (requires yarn build to be run first).
  • yarn analyze - visualises the size of the Webpack JavaScript bundles.
  • yarn test - performs type checking and linting of the code.
  • yarn lint - just lints the code.


This repository isn't licensed because I want my personal website/brand to be unique. However feel free to play around with the code and learn from it.

And of course pull requests are always welcome. 💖

Copyright © 2013 Roland Warmerdam.