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namespace Objects
void UpdateBlockStates(void);
int CountType(int objtype);
void RunAI(void);
void PhysicsSim(void);
int IsRearTopAttack(Object *o);
void CullDeleted(void);
void DestroyAll(bool delete_player);
Object *FindByType(int type);
// synonyms
#define CountObjectsOfType Objects::CountType
#define FOREACH_OBJECT(O) for(O=firstobject; O; O=O->next)
// max expected objects to exist at once (for buffer allocation)
#define MAX_OBJECTS 1024
enum CreateObjectFlags
CF_NO_SPAWN_EVENT = 0x01, // inhibit calling OnSpawn
Object *CreateObject(int x, int y, int type);
Object *CreateObject(int x, int y, int type, int xinertia, int yinertia, \
int dir=0, Object *linkedobject=NULL, uint32_t createflags=CF_DEFAULT);
// ObjProp definitions
struct ObjProp
// NXEngine-specific
int sprite;
int shaketime; // how long it shakes for when hit
uint32_t defaultnxflags;
// from npc.tbl
int initial_hp;
int xponkill;
int damage;
int hurt_sound, death_sound;
int death_smoke_amt;
uint32_t defaultflags;
// AI routines
// executed every tick
void (*ontick)(Object *o);
// executed after physics sim has been done
void (*aftermove)(Object *o);
// if present, then when damage to the object causes it's hp to <= 0,
// this is executed instead of destroying the object or following the
// normal boom/spawn powerups routine.
void (*ondeath)(Object *o);
// executed when the object is first created or it's type is changed.
// intended for static objects which only require a small amount of
// initilization. This is NOT guaranteed to be only called exactly once
// for a given object.
void (*onspawn)(Object *o);
} ai_routines;
extern ObjProp objprop[OBJ_LAST];
extern Object *firstobject, *lastobject;
extern Object *lowestobject, *highestobject;