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#ifndef _GAME_H
#define _GAME_H
enum Directions
RIGHT = 0,
LEFT = 1,
UP = 2,
DOWN = 3,
#define GAME_FPS 50
// for UpdateBlockedStates
#define RIGHTMASK 0x01
#define LEFTMASK 0x02
#define UPMASK 0x04
#define DOWNMASK 0x08
// highest addressable flag by tsc scripts etc
#define NUM_GAMEFLAGS 8000
// switchstage.mapno is set to this to load a game
#define MAPNO_SPECIALS 1000
#define LOAD_GAME 1000
#define NEW_GAME 1001
#define NEW_GAME_FROM_MENU 1002 // new game (include Kazuma cutscene)
#define LOAD_GAME_FROM_MENU 1003 // load game (from title screen, include weapon slide)
#define START_REPLAY 1004
// game modes (changes *tickfunction)
enum GameModes
GM_NONE, // default mode at startup & shutdown
GM_NORMAL, // playing the game
GM_INVENTORY, // in inventory screen
GM_MAP_SYSTEM, // viewing Map System
GM_ISLAND, // XX1 good-ending island-crash cutscene
GM_CREDITS, // <CRE credits
GM_INTRO, // intro
GM_TITLE, // title screen
GP_PAUSED, // pausemode: Pause (use game.pause())
GP_OPTIONS, // pausemode: Options (use game.pause())
// note: this structure is memsetted at 0 at startup.
// ensure it doesn't contain any non-POD types that would be harmed by this.
struct Game
bool running;
bool frozen;
int mode;
int paused;
int curmap;
int showmapnametime;
int mapname_x;
uint32_t counter; // Nikumaru counter value
bool god;
//bool debugmode;
bool infinite_damage;
bool DrawBoundingBoxes;
} debug;
// if mapno becomes >= 0 the stage ends and we switch to the new stage
int mapno;
int playerx, playery;
int eventonentry;
int param;
} switchstage;
// game flags and skipflags as set by scripts
bool flags[NUM_GAMEFLAGS];
bool skipflags[NUM_GAMEFLAGS];
// earthquake effect; <QUA command
int quaketime;
int megaquaketime;
// stuff for boss bar
Object *object; // if != NULL, a boss bar is shown displaying this object's remaining health
int starting_hp; // HP boss had when <BSL was called
bool defeated; // set to true when boss is defeated
PercentBar bar;
} bossbar;
StageBossManager stageboss;
// set by enemies in Labyrinth M and by Almond Core to tell
// curly where to shoot at (it's like a hint)
int x, y, timeleft;
} curlytarget;
int fullscreen;
int ffwdtime; // debug option: disables speed-limiting for ffwdtime ticks
// ---------------------------------------
// static member functions--not private (Game is an object, not a namespace)
static bool init();
static bool initlevel();
static bool createplayer();
static void switchmap(int mapno, int scriptno=0, int px=0, int py=0);
static void reset();
static bool setmode(int newmode, int param=0, bool force=false);
static bool pause(int pausemode, int param=0);
static void tick();
static void close();
// NPC flags definitions
#define FLAG_SOLID_MUSHY 0x0001 // object blocks player but is a little "mushy" (normal solid state for enemies)
#define FLAG_IGNORETILE44 0x0002
#define FLAG_INVULNERABLE 0x0004
#define FLAG_IGNORE_SOLID 0x0008
#define FLAG_BOUNCY 0x0010 // when SOLID_BRICK also set, acts like a mini trampoline
#define FLAG_SHOOTABLE 0x0020
#define FLAG_SOLID_BRICK 0x0040 // object's entire bbox is rock-solid, just like a solid tile
#define FLAG_DROP_POWERUPS_DONTUSE 0x0400 // not used here because it doesn't seem to be set on some npc.tbl entries which DO in fact spawn powerups; see the nxflag which replaces it
#define FLAG_APPEAR_ON_FLAGID 0x0800
#define FLAG_FACES_RIGHT 0x1000
#define FLAG_SHOW_FLOATTEXT 0x8000
// NXEngine flag definitions
#define NXFLAG_FOLLOW_SLOPE 0x0001 // enable moving up/down slopes when moving horizontally
#define NXFLAG_SLOW_X_WHEN_HURT 0x0002 // move at half X speed when shaking from damage
#define NXFLAG_SLOW_Y_WHEN_HURT 0x0004 // move at half Y speed when shaking from damage
#define NXFLAG_THUD_ON_RIDING 0x0008 // if set there is a "thud" sound when player lands on it
#define NXFLAG_NO_RESET_YINERTIA 0x0010 // don't zero yinertia on blocku/blockd
#define NXFLAG_CONSOLE_ANIMATE 0x0020 // spawned at console and is implicit target of subsequent animate commands
extern Game game;
extern TextBox textbox;
extern Object *onscreen_objects[MAX_OBJECTS];
extern int nOnscreenObjects;
void debug(const char *fmt, ...);
void quake(int quaketime, int snd=-1);
void megaquake(int quaketime, int snd=-1);
struct Profile;
bool game_load(int num);
bool game_load(Profile *p);
bool game_save(int num);
bool game_save(Profile *p);