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#ifndef _MAP_H
#define _MAP_H
#define MAP_MAXSIZEX 300
#define MAP_MAXSIZEY 256
// this macro returns true if the current stage is spec'd to use the specified NPC spriteset.
#define DoesCurrentStageUseSpriteset(SET) \
( stages[game.curmap].NPCset1==SET || stages[game.curmap].NPCset2==SET )
#define MAPX(X) ( ( (X) * TILE_W ) << CSF )
#define MAPY(Y) ( ( (Y) * TILE_H ) << CSF )
struct stMap
int xsize, ysize;
int displayed_xscroll, displayed_yscroll;
int maxxscroll, maxyscroll;
int parscroll_x, parscroll_y;
int real_xscroll, real_yscroll;
int phase_adj;
int target_x, target_y;
int scrollcenter_x, scrollcenter_y;
int scrollspeed;
bool scroll_locked;
uint8_t backdrop; // backdrop # in use
int scrolltype; // backdrop scroll type
Object *waterlevelobject; // object controlling water level (for maps with rising water)
int wlforcestate; // set by Core--modifies the state of the water level object
int wlstate; // set by WaterLevel object--reports it's current state
// for FON, FOM script commands
Object *target;
bool has_target;
} focus;
// motion tiles used in Waterway and Main Artery--these tiles use
// a sprite as their image data and pan the sprite across them in a specified direction
int tileno; // tile # to animate
uchar dir; // direction of scrolling
int sprite; // sprite # containing image data
} motiontiles[MAX_MOTION_TILES];
int nmotiontiles;
int motionpos;
unsigned char tiles[MAP_MAXSIZEX][MAP_MAXSIZEY];
extern stMap map;
void map_focus(Object *o, int spd = 16);
// background scrolling types
#define BK_FIXED 0 // backdrop does not scroll
#define BK_PARALLAX 1 // bk is parallax scroll
#define BK_FOLLOWFG 2 // scrolls, but is 1:1 with foreground
#define BK_HIDE 3 // draw #000021 blue instead of a graphic
#define BK_HIDE2 4 // identical to BK_HIDE
#define BK_FASTLEFT 5 // fast scroll left, items falling left (ironhead battle)
#define BK_FASTLEFT_LAYERS 6 // fast scroll left w/ layers, items falling left (Outer Wall)
#define BK_FASTLEFT_LAYERS_NOFALLLEFT 7 // fast left w/ layers, but items don't fall left (Balcony)
#define BK_HIDE3 8 // identical to BK_HIDE
#define MAX_TILES 256 // max # of different kinds of tiles per tileset
// these flag constants come from the stage data somewhere I believe
// (don't remember for sure) so they should stay constant.
#define TA_SOLID_PLAYER 0x00001 // solid to player
#define TA_SOLID_NPC 0x00002 // solid to npc's, enemies and enemy shots
#define TA_SOLID_SHOT 0x00004 // solid to player's shots
#define TA_HURTS_PLAYER 0x00010 // this tile hurts the player -10hp
#define TA_FOREGROUND 0x00020 // tile is drawn in front of sprites
#define TA_DESTROYABLE 0x00040 // tile is destroyable if player shoots it
#define TA_WATER 0x00080 // tile is water/underwater
#define TA_CURRENT 0x00100 // blows player (tilecode checked to see which direction)
#define TA_SLOPE 0x00200 // is a slope (the tilecode is checked to see what kind)
extern uint8_t tilecode[MAX_TILES];
extern uint32_t tileattr[MAX_TILES];
extern uint32_t tilekey[256];
extern Object *ID2Lookup[65536];
void AnimateMotionTiles(void);
void map_ChangeTileWithSmoke(int x, int y, int newtile, int nclouds=4, bool boomflash=false, Object *push_behind=NULL);
// map names and info from stage.dat
#include "maprecord.h"
// backdrop and tileset names
#include "stagedata.h"
// needed if resolution is changed to a non-multiple of the tile size
#define MAP_DRAW_EXTRA_X 1
#define MAP_DRAW_EXTRA_X 0
#define MAP_DRAW_EXTRA_Y 1
#define MAP_DRAW_EXTRA_Y 0