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#ifndef _PLAYER_H
#define _PLAYER_H
#include "p_arms.h"
#include "ai/weapons/whimstar.h"
#define MAX_INVENTORY 42
class Player : public Object
virtual ~Player();
// current physics constants (change when you go underwater, etc)
int fallspeed, walkspeed;
int fallaccel, jumpfallaccel;
int walkaccel, jumpwalkaccel;
int decelspeed;
int jumpvelocity;
// attributes player is touching: water etc
uint32_t touchattr;
int airleft; // remaining air (is scaled x10)
int airshowtimer; // used for blinking "100" when coming out of water
bool walking, lastwalking;
int walkanimframe;
int walkanimtimer;
bool jumping; // 1 if jump physics are enabled
uint8_t look; // 0 = not looking, UP = looking up, DOWN = looking down
uint8_t lookscroll; // which way the screen should scroll because of a look
uint8_t lookscroll_timer; // delays a moment before scrolling when player pushes UP/DOWN
bool inputs_locked; // if 1, the controls are turned off (player can't control his sprite)
bool inputs_locked_lasttime;
bool dead; // deactivates player we really need this?
bool hide; // if 1, player and his statusbar is invisible
bool drowned; // if 1, player drowning code has been activated
// if 1, player is invisible and controls unresponsive
// but statusbar still shown.
bool disabled;
bool lookaway; // 1 makes him look away from screen (eg when you push DOWN)
int inventory[MAX_INVENTORY]; // list of inventory items we have
int ninventory; // how many objects are in inventory[]
Object *riding; // if non-null, he is "riding" this object (used for solidity)
Object *lastriding; // for thud sound
// if non-null then this points at an object for which ->riding cannot be set.
// This is used when a platform you are riding tries to push you into the ceiling
// and so the engine deals with it by having you fall through the platform instead.
Object *cannotride;
// object if any that caused player's blocku to be set
Object *bopped_object;
// <UNI mode--used with Ironhead battle
int movementmode;
// how much fuel you have left in the Booster for this jump
int boosterfuel;
int booststate; // one of BoosterDir enum
int lastbooststate;
bool hitwhileboosting; // bit of a hack, to make hurthop work
// controls "+xx" floattext numbers when you gain XP
FloatText *XPText;
Weapon weapons[WPN_COUNT];
int curWeapon;
int maxHealth; // max health
int hurt_time; // timer for blinks after getting hit
bool hurt_flash_state; // if 1, player is invisible because he's blinking
// when displaying the water bubble (air tank item) this is the frame shown
uint8_t water_shield_frame;
uint8_t water_shield_timer;
// items equipped
uint16_t equipmask;
WhimsicalStar whimstar;
// additional "block" points placed further in than the real block points.
// if these make it inside a block the player is "pushed" out of the block.
// they can get inside the block because his R/L points are further out than his
// D/U points because of his odd shape.
Point repel_l[8];
Point repel_r[8];
Point repel_u[8];
Point repel_d[8];
int nrepel_l, nrepel_r, nrepel_u, nrepel_d;
extern Player *player;
extern bool pinputs[INPUT_COUNT];
extern bool lastpinputs[INPUT_COUNT];
enum PMoveModes
// how much fuel you start out with in the Booster on each jump.
// (for both 0.8 and 2.0)
enum BoosterState
#define EQUIP_BOOSTER08 0x01
#define EQUIP_MAP 0x02
#define EQUIP_AIRTANK 0x10
#define EQUIP_BOOSTER20 0x20
#define EQUIP_MIMIGA_MASK 0x40
#define EQUIP_WHIMSTAR 0x80
#define EQUIP_NIKUMARU 0x100
void AddXP(int xp, bool quiet = false);
void SubXP(int xp, bool quiet = false);
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