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#ifndef _PROFILE_H
#define _PROFILE_H
// how many bytes of data long a profile.dat is.
// used by the replays which use the regular profile functions
// to write a savefile then tack their own data onto the end.
#define PROFILE_LENGTH 0x604
struct Profile
int stage;
int songno;
int px, py, pdir;
int hp, maxhp, num_whimstars;
uint32_t equipmask;
int curWeapon;
bool hasWeapon;
int level;
int xp;
int ammo, maxammo;
} weapons[WPN_COUNT];
int inventory[MAX_INVENTORY];
int ninventory;
bool flags[NUM_GAMEFLAGS];
int slotno;
int scriptno;
int num_teleslots;
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