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// screeneffects are a simple draw overlay used w/ things such as flashes and such.
class ScreenEffect
ScreenEffect() { enabled = false; }
virtual ~ScreenEffect() { }
virtual void Draw() = 0;
bool enabled;
int state;
int timer;
// FlashScreen simply flashes the screen white several times,
// and is used in various places such as when Misery casts spells.
struct SE_FlashScreen : public ScreenEffect
void Start();
void Draw();
int flashes_left;
bool flashstate;
// Starflash is a full-screen white explosion in the shape of a '+',
// used when some bosses are defeated.
struct SE_Starflash : public ScreenEffect
void Start(int x, int y);
void Draw();
int centerx, centery;
int size, speed;
// Fade is the fade-in/out used on every stage transistion/TRA.
struct SE_Fade : public ScreenEffect
void Start(int fadedir, int dir, int spr=SPR_FADE_DIAMOND);
void Draw(void);
void set_full(int dir);
int getstate(void);
int fadedir;
int sweepdir;
int curframe;
int sprite;
} fade;
#define FADE_IN 0
#define FADE_OUT 1
// these directions correspond to the FAI/FAO parameters.
#define FADE_LEFT 0
#define FADE_UP 1
#define FADE_RIGHT 2
#define FADE_DOWN 3
#define FADE_CENTER 4
#define FS_NO_FADE 0 // no fade is active
#define FS_FADING 1 // currently fading in or out
#define FS_FADED_OUT 2 // completely faded out
namespace ScreenEffects
void Draw(void);
void Stop();
extern SE_FlashScreen flashscreen;
extern SE_Starflash starflash;
extern SE_Fade fade;