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//automatically generated by Makegen
/* located in slope.cpp */
//---------------------[referenced from slope.cpp]-------------------//
bool initslopetable(void);
uint8_t ReadSlopeTable(int x, int y);
bool IsSlopeAtPointList(Object *o, SIFPointList *points);
int CheckStandOnSlope(Object *o);
int CheckBoppedHeadOnSlope(Object *o);
bool movehandleslope(Object *o, int xinertia);
void DrawSlopeTablesOnTiles();
void DrawSlopeTableOnTile(int table, int tile);
void dumpslopetable(int t);
/* located in common/stat.cpp */
//---------------------[referenced from slope.cpp]-------------------//
void stat(const char *fmt, ...);
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