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A modificated version of ir-gts-bw. It's a fake Pokémon GTS server.
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README Hello, world Hello, world


It's a fake Pokémon GTS server. is a modificated version of ir-gts-bw' <>.
To install, just copy `` and `` on /ir-gts-bw/src/.
Tested only on ir-gts-bw 0.05 <>.

Feature added (
	Giving a path, rs-sendpkm-bw gives casually one of the .pkm files which are in the directory at the game;
	Otherwise of kill himself, when it gives a Pokémon at the game, rs-sendpkm-bw waits another game to gives it another Pokémon, while it isn't killed;
	A couple of rows to optimize the code;
	Each 4°gen Pokémon is shifted to 5°gen.
Giovanni 'Roxas Shadow' Capuano
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