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PT Notifications

A official ProfitTrailer addon.
The solution to tracking your daily ProfitTrailer profit on the go.

Features and commands

PT Notifications video


  • PT Notifications has support for both Discord and Telegram.
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.
  • Sends detailed buy and sell notifications. Including DCA, profit in dollars and more
  • Sends update notifications when there is a new ProfitTrailer release.
  • Sends Sell Only Mode notifications
  • Sends notifications when ProfitTrailer runs into a error.


  • [/update] Sends list of options

    • [/today] List of today's statistics including profit, balance and more.
    • [/yesterday] List of yesterday's statistics including profit, balance and more.
    • [/dca] List of DCA
    • [/pairs] List of pairs
    • [/last] Last 5 sales
    • [/all] Contents of /dca, /today and /pairs
  • [/settings] Sends list of options

    • [/enable_som] Enables Sell Only Mode
    • [/disable_som] Disable Sell Only mode
    • [/blacklist] Adds given coin to _trading_enabled = false
    • [/whitelist] Adds given coin to enabled_pairs = list
  • [/version] Sends version numbers of running instances and whether there is a update available.

  • [/alive] Responds when PT Notifications is up and running.

  • [/help] List of available commands.

Getting Started

These instructions will get you a copy of the project up and running on your local machine or server.


What things you need to install the software and how to install them

If you already have ProfitTrailer running on the same machine you can ignore this.

Make sure you have Java 8 (1.8.0_131 and up) installed on your computer. (Java 9 will not work).
Windows & Linux require Java 8 JRE - Download.
Mac OSX requires Java 8 JDK - Download.


To run PT Notifications you need to have a valid ProfitTrailer PRO license.

Creating bots


  • In Telegram, send a private message to @BotFather (NOT to be confused with TheBotFather ​channel)
  • Once there type “/​newbot” ​to create a bot. Answer the questions ​by typing answers and pressing enter. You will receive a message ​containing your bot token.
  • Start a chat with your bot's name (for example ​@MyTPBot) and press start button ​
  • Start another ​chat with
  • If that doesn't work, try a chat with https://​​id_chatbot. or paste @id_chatbot into a telegram chat and click it. It should open the chat id bot in a new chat. or send a message to: @userinfobot with content: /start
  • Finally, here is a link to a page with a couple more ID chatbots for telegram that you can click if the above doesn't get a valid response.


  • In Discord, create your own server by clicking the + button in the server menu on the left. Discord published their own guide HERE!
  • Create a text channel by right clicking on your server icon and selecting “Create Channel”.
  • Create a discord bot. There is a great guide HERE!
  • Add the bot to your server


Download the latest version from the releases page.

Quick notes to success

  • to get the "discord_channel_id =" please go to Discord settings > appearence > developer mode on then right click on the channel you want the bot in and click Copy ID - this will be a number please use this and not the channel name or it will say bot token error
Prepare your ProfitTrailer instances
  • Give every ProfitTrailer instance you run a unique server.sitename in the file. This is so it's easier to recognize your bots easier when receiving notifications.
  • Read note above Make sure to set the server.api_token variable in the file for each instance as well. This value can be any random arrangement of characters. This is needed so the addon can request access to the trade data.
Update the PT Notifications settings
#Amount of PT instances you have running
profitTrailer_instances = 1

profitTrailer_address_1 = 
profitTrailer_license_key_1 = 
#Make sure it matches the server.api_token variable in of your PT instance
profitTrailer_instance_api_token_1 = 
#telegram_channel_id_1 = 
#discord_channel_id_1 =

#profitTrailer_address_2 = http://localhost:8082
#profitTrailer_license_key_2 = 1234567abcd8910
#profitTrailer_instance_api_token_2 = bot_api_token
#telegram_channel_id_2 = 
#discord_channel_id_2 =

#Enable or disable Telegram notifications
telegram_enabled = true/false
telegram_bot_token = 
telegram_channel_id = 

#Enable or disable Discord notifications
discord_enabled = true/false
discord_bot_token = 
discord_channel_id = 

#Enable or disable Telegram silent notifications (no sound)
silent_notifications = false
#Enable or disable Sell notifications
sell_notifications = true
#Enable or disable Buy notifications
buy_notifications = true
#Enable or disable Sell Only Mode notifications
som_notifications = true
#Enable or disable Profit Trailer error notifications
error_notifications = true
#Enable or disable release/update notifications
update_notifications = true
#Enable or disable access to settings
enable_settings = true
#Add error messages that need to be ignored seperated by a comma i.e. SomeKindOfExchangeError,AnotherExchangeError
error_filter = BinanceWebSocketAdapterKline,APIKEY_INVALID

#Custom buy messages
#Available variables: dcaCount, instanceName, quantity, rate, avgCost, total, percentage		
discord_buy_message_format = <b>Bought {market} </b> ({dcaCount}),\
				            ```ml\nInstance:   {instanceName},\
				            Quantity:   {quantity},\
				            Rate:       {rate},\
				            Avg cost:   {avgCost},\
				            Total:      {total} ({dcaCount}),\
				            Profit:     {percentage}```

telegram_buy_message_format = <b>Bought {market} </b> ({dcaCount}),\
				            Instance: {instanceName},\
				            Quantity: {quantity},\
				            Rate: {rate},\
				            Avg cost: {avgCost},\
				            Total: {total} ({dcaCount}),\
				            Profit: {percentage}

#Custom sell messages
#Available variables: dcaCount, instanceName, strategies, quantity, rate, total, profit, dollar, boughtDate, percentage			            
discord_sell_message_format = <b>Sold {market} </b> ({dcaCount}),\
				            ```ml\nInstance:   {instanceName},\
				            Strategies: {strategies},\
				            Quantity:   {quantity},\
				            Rate:       {rate},\
				            Avg cost:   {avgCost},\
				            Total:      {total} ({dcaCount}),\
				            Profit:     {profit} ({dollar}),\
				            Bought on:  {boughtDate},\
				            Percentage: {percentage}```

telegram_sell_message_format = <b>Sold {market} </b> ({dcaCount}),\
				            Instance: {instanceName},\
				            Strategies: {strategies},\
				            Quantity: {quantity},\
				            Rate: {rate},\
				            Avg cost: {avgCost},\
				            Total: {total} ({dcaCount}),\
				            Profit: {profit} ({dollar}),\
				            Bought on: {boughtDate},\
				            Percentage: {percentage}
Modify buy and sell notifications format

Version 1.2.0 supports the modification of the buy and sell notifications. This can be done by changing the sell_message_format and buy_message_format variables in

The included examples use all of the currently available variables. These variables can be used by including the name of the variable between two brackets as followed {profit}. When creating your own custom message format make sure to end every line in with ,\ to indicate the end of a line.

Besides those variables all other format options supported by the chat client can be included. This for example goes for Emoticons and Discord/Telegram text formatting, more info on text formatting can be found here:

Telegram text formatting Discord text formatting

Please avoid using $ and \ characters as that will break the custom format.

Getting PT Notifications to run


Simply run the Start_windows.cmd file in the zip.

macOS & Linux

Simply run the file in the zip.
Open terminal > navigate to the folder containing the .jar.

Run the jar using:
java -jar PTNotifications.jar -XX:+UseG1GC -XX:+UseStringDeduplication -XX:StringDeduplicationAgeThreshold=1 -Xmx128m


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