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Open source Dota 2 Mod Editor inspired by Warcraft 3's World Edit.

You can contact me on IRC at #dota2mods on

Looking for builds? You can get the latest build here


Like this project? Want to help? Here are a few ideas:

  • If you can, please Donate to keep the project running.
  • If you can program, I appreciate pull requests. Please see the pull request guidelines below.
  • If you can help translate Worldsmith, please get in contact with me or submit a pull request.
  • Tell the world about Worldsmith.


Current Team

  • RoyAwesome
  • SinZ
  • Aderum
  • penguinwizzard

Without a few people, this project would be much much harder. In no particular order:

  • penguinwizzard for figuring out how to write maps.
  • tet, Sir_Kane, and hex6 for finding the strings for most of the flags and enums.
  • hex6 for doing the legwork for setting up translations.
  • Quintinity for cleaning up the quality and doing incredibly helpful quality work.
  • OrangeSodaSmurf for providing a coupon for a free domain name.

Translation credits

  • Swedish - hex6

Compiling the Source

All major dependencies are included in the repository. You may have to update submodules if you have errors with KVLib and Graph.

Worldsmith also relies on some NuGet packages. If you are using Visual Studio 2012 or 2013, this will be automatically handled. If not, you need to install NuGet and restore the dependencies.

Worldsmith was created with Visual Studio 2015.

If you change any of the data schemas, be sure to run the ClassGen build target. This will update the data class definitions.

Pull Requests

I greatly appreciate pull requests, but I ask contributers to follow some guidelines.

  • Worldsmith uses Microsoft's C# style guide.
  • Please follow the general style of the rest of the code base.
  • Use spaces, not tabs.
  • Use Windows line endings.