Clash Royale Public API that provides real-time data about players, clans, tournaments and more.
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Royale API Support Tracker

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If you have a suggestion or an issue to report, please use the issue tracker. We recommend that you search the issue tracker to check if someone else has already reported the issue and whether there is a known solution that you can use. This probably is the fastest way for you to find a solution to any issue that you are facing.

If you are adding a bug report, please add steps to reproduce the bug, exact request (method and URL) and response (including response code). Any additonal information (console errors, screenshots) would be helpful.


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The Community:

If you are interested in talking to the team, we are there on Discord. Feel free to drop by and say hello. Our upcoming features and beta releases are discussed here along with deck advice and Die Hard quotes.

Join our Discord Server from:

We are also available as @RoyaleAPI on Twitter. Feel free to drop in a line wherever it is easiest for you. Twitter would be the best place for you to stay updated with latest news, features and releases regarding cr-api.

Documentation and Tutorials:

If you are looking for more information regarding features and usage of the app, head over to the docs site.


Bug Reports & Feature Requests:

Please use the issue tracker to report any bugs or file feature requests.

Guidelines for reporting issues:

We have put together a short set of guidelines you can follow while adding an issue to our GitHub issue tracker. Following this should help speedy resolution of issues.

  1. Answer to questions along the lines of "How do I... in RoyaleAPI" should be in our online documentation at

  2. Before reporting an issue use the search feature on the issues page to check if there are issues similar to yours. A lot of issues are duplicates, and it is hard to keep track of them or respond when the issues are solved. If you find your issue already reported, feel free to add "+1" reaction and we will keep a note of it.

  3. When reporting a new issue in the issue tracker, check whether it helps to answer the following questions:

    • Is the bug reproducible every time, or do you see it occasionally?
    • Did you first encounter it recently, or has it always been there?
    • If the request/response flow is not working, be sure to check and include details.

About CR-API: