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Support Repository

This is the support folder for the Gamma project. It holds within it the following:

 * APIGen (see the readme in the APIGen folder)
 * Support libraries (the lib folder)
 * A development server for finding/executing code/tests (see readme in the web folder)
 * Some scripts for convenience at the top level

APIGen and the dev server

The first requirement is python :)

On windows :
 * Then right click 'My Computer' -> properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> System Variables -> choose "Path" and press "edit" -> add ";C:/Python26" without the quotes

On Ubuntu (similar for other linux distros)
 * sudo apt-get install python, python-setuptools

Then inside a terminal/cmd prompt
 * easy_install django werkzeug paste

Code Coverage

To get statement coverage from the tests, you also require jscoverage to be installed. As far as I can tell, this only works on linux and macs. You can download jscoverage from here

Once jscoverage is installed, you can start it by executing the "" script found at the top level of this repo.

Environment Variables

All our scripts and the dev server assume that there exists some particular environment variables that say where particular things are.

To set them on linux or mac, add lines like the following to your ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile
To set them on windows, you go to the same place as above when you edited the PATH variable after installing python

GMA = path to the main repository
GMA_SRC = path to the source code
GMA_MEDIA = path to a folder where you will keep any media files (i.e. images, collada, etc)
GMA_SUPPORT = path to a this folder

If you want to be able to build the Gamma code into a single javascript file you'll also need an environment variable called "REQUIRE", which points to a copy of the requirejs optimization tool (