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Hero Break

HeroBreak live

Hero Break is a browser game written in JavaScript and inspired by Brick Breaker. The aim is to reach and defeat the boss before the monsters deplete your health by reaching the bottom.



Hero Break is built using ES6 syntax JavaScript and HTML5 canvas for rendering elements onto the screen. At every set interval, the canvas is cleared of all elements on the screen and re-draws them based on their new coordinates.



Each different object within the game have distinct classes to distinguish the different functionalities. Within the game class, all objects on the canvas are brought together and drawn from a single function call.

draw(ctx) {
  ctx.clearRect(0, 0, this.DIM_X, this.DIM_Y);
  this.allObjects().forEach((obj) => {


Breakers are accumulated by destroying special monsters. When the runTurn function is called, setTimeout is used to space out the interval of each breaker. The direction and starting position of the breaker is based on the properties of the Pointer.

  runTurn() {
    Object.assign(this.currentAttackers, this.breakers);
    let vel = this.pointer.calculateDir();
    let startPos = this.pointer.position();
    let interval = 0;
    this.currentAttackers.forEach(breaker => {
      setTimeout(() => {
        breaker.assignDir(Object.assign([], vel));
        breaker.assignPos(Object.assign([], startPos));
      }, interval);
      interval += 200;


The board class keeps track of the number of monster objects. After each turn, a row of monsters is created on top pushing all the other monsters down a row. The number of monster in each row are randomly generated and the position of each monster is attributed based on a recursive call to the spawn function.

spawn(num, pos, newRow) {
  if(num > 0) {
    if(Math.random() > .7) {
      let multiplier = this.assignMultiplier() || 2;
      let special = 0;
      if(Math.random() > .9) {
        special = 1;
      newRow.push( new Monster(
        (100 + this.level * multiplier),
    pos[0] += Util.defaults.side;
    return this.spawn((num - 1), pos, newRow);

  return newRow;

Each monster is given special traits such as giving the player more breakers on defeat or having an elite status, which increases the monsters multiplier on its health pool.


Reset breakers

A function to 'callback' breakers to end the round.

Special breakers

Special breakers will have abilities that affect all the breakers, such as splash damage, which damages monsters in a wide area, pierce damage, which damages monsters in a row.


Each monster will have an image, and the game will have an overall medieval theme.