An extension that allows you to grab a list of pages from a MediaWiki install for printing.
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This software is released under a GNU-GPL by Royce Kimmons, 2011.

What does it do?
This set of scripts allows you to generate a single printable HTML page from multiple MediaWiki pages.

How do I  use it?
1. Unzip the directory and place it in your MediaWiki extensions folder (though this location is not necessary, as it is not a true MW extension, placing it here makes organizational sense).

2. In a text editor, open the 'config.php' file and enter the base url for your MediaWiki install with no trailing slash (e.g. '').

3. Add any page names (as they appear in the url for the page) as additional array items in the $pages array.
$pages[] = 'Other_page_1';
$pages[] = 'Other_page_2';

4. Navigate your browser to the page at http://YOUR_MEDIAWIKI_INSTALL/extensions/PrintMultiple and voila!