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Demonstrate Headless Chrome detection in use today
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run_rakuten_test.js Chrome Headless Detection

Demonstrates flaky but highly effective Chrome Headless detection used by Most of the time Chrome Headless is detected and access to the content is denied, even if the most up to date publicly known evasions are applied (headless-cat-n-mouse).

If run in (regular) non headless mode, access is always granted.

This small NodeJs script uses the awesome Puppeteer project.


npm install


npm run headless    # run using puppeteer bundled Chromium in headless mode
npm run browser     # run using puppeteer bundled Chromium in regular (non headless) mode


Program prints logs to stdout and creates screenshots of pages in subdir ./screenshots

Current status:

Chrome Headless has been blocked 7 times out of 10 attempts.
Chrome Non-Headless has been blocked 0 times out of 10 attempts.


  • - The accessed product category on
  • Puppeteer - Headless Chrome Node API
  • headless-cat-n-mouse - applied evasions to avoid detection of Chrome Headless Mode. As of 02/05/2018 these evasions are not enough to avoid detection.
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