Run stored CPAN test suites against the modules on your system to validate your system
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This is a system validation script, designed to assist with running saved
copies of CPAN package test suites.  Right now, this is mainly meant to serve
as a proof-of-concept with Fedora, which is experimenting with packaging the
test suites (as run under the Fedora buildsystem) in RPM subpackages in F-13+.


    Class::MOP is packaged and delivered in the perl-Class-MOP RPM
    CMOP's test suite is delivered in the perl-Class-MOP-tests RPM
    CMOP's test suite is stored under /usr/libexec/perl5-tests/Class-MOP/

This is very basic, very preliminary right now.  Few "-tests" subpackages
exist at this point, how they're packaged and delivered will almost certainly
be changed as well progress with this.

Feedback, patches, all very welcome; please use the github issues function to
report any problems, suggestions, or RFE's.

Chris Weyl <>