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0.20 2012-08-10
Mark Allen Stop failing test
0.19 2012-08-08
Mark Allen Make filters optional on describe_tags as docs say RT#76140
Mark Allen Force XML::Simple to make empty elements undef RT#76139
Miquel Ruiz Support exceptions via croak
Allard Hoeve Support tagsets on volumes
Mark Allen Allow modify_instance_attribute to use a HASHREF
Fixes RT #78779 (thanks to Andrew Solomon for
the suggestion.)
0.18 2012-02-21
Chia-liang Kao Fix timestamp clear (RT#75194)
0.17 2012-02-20
Chia-liang Kao Support Client Token
Chia-liang Kao Support instance filters
Chia-liang Kao Don't cache timestamps (to prevent timeout errors)
Chia-liang Kao Fix a problem with XML::Simple deserialization of empty
value in image description
Mark Allen Spelling fix RT #74239
0.16 2012-01-21
Mark Allen Remove union type in ReservationInfo
0.15 2012-01-18
Mark Allen Fix groupSet params RT#67145
Mark Allen Support proxy environment variables RT#67145
Mark Allen Update doc for 0.15
Mark Fowler fix all warnings podchecker warns us about
Mark Allen Make tag creation use a hash instead of arrayrefs
Jeff Finucane documentation fix
Jeff Finucane avoid 'Request has expired' on long lived Net::Amazon::EC2 objects
Jeff Finucane add group_name to NAE::GroupSet and fix live test "Checking for running instance"
Jeff Finucane add in ssl support as suggested by Brad Barden bradford.barden@supervalu.com
stanaka Accept an array for resourceId.
toritori0318 remove debug code
toritori0318 add delete tags and tags test
toritori0318 add describe tags and instance name.
stanaka add create_tags
stanaka import 0.14 from cpan