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  1. +19 −1 lib/Pod/Weaver/Section/Collect/
@@ -91,6 +91,21 @@ sub _find_module {
die "Cannot find $module in \@INC?!";
+=method copy_sections_from_other($module, $header_text, $opts)
+Loads the POD from C<$module> (specified as a package name, findable along
+C<@INC>), looks for a C<=head1> section with C<$header_text>, and copies
+everything pulls it out until the next C<=head1> section.
+We return the elements we find from the first command until the next section;
+this is to enable preface text to be skipped. This behaviour can be altered
+by setting C<$opts> to 'all';
+We return a series of elements suitable for inclusion directly into another
sub copy_sections_from_other {
my ($self, $module, $header_text, $command) = @_;
@@ -149,11 +164,14 @@ __END__
-Copy chunks of POD from other documents, and incorporate them.
+Copy chunks of POD from other documents, and incorporate them. Our purpose
+here is to enable the easy documentation of packages that serve to combine
+parts of pre-existing packages (and thus pre-existing documentation).
=head1 SEE ALSO
+L<Reindeer> uses this package to collect documentation from various sources.

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