My ~/.vim... Nothing exciting, but *fantastic* for yak-shaving.
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after Change rebase command mappings to use <localleader> Jul 24, 2017
autoload Add `rsrchboy#var()` and tests Jun 30, 2017
bootstrap Merge commit '97991adb6d6193fc22e94eb30992d590656889c9' Jun 19, 2017
ctags wip! edits to ctags/perl Jun 2, 2014
doc doc a few more mappings... Mar 13, 2016
ftdetect Add ft detection for *.cson (coffee) Oct 8, 2016
perl5/lib/perl5 drop a number of things we're not using Mar 26, 2017
plugin tidy up plugin Mar 29, 2017
spell Spellings Jul 24, 2017
syntax set random cruft to "Ignore" Feb 8, 2016
t/autoload Add `rsrchboy#var()` and tests Jun 30, 2017
.gitattributes define a custom merge driver for our spellfiles Mar 11, 2017
.gitignore gitignore binary spellfiles Mar 11, 2017 Redo our README. Jun 22, 2017
vimrc Set $IN_VIM Jul 25, 2017


This is my ~/.vim/.


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