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We are a collective of art hackers, and one guy who we will refer to as "anonymous guy 1" . It all started with a phone call to anonymous guy 1, who arranged for a camera being oh so graciously allowed in a nearby undisclosed location. 12 hours later, RubberDuckNfk materialized.

This project celebrates [Florentijn Hofman's Rubber Duck's visit to Norfolk, Virginia] ( May 17 - 26 outside of the Chrysler Museum of Art.

"The floating 40-footer is quickly approaching icon status after appearances around the world, and it is known for bringing a certain air of whimsy and personal connection that only a supersized bath toy can provide.

There's no wrong way to experience Rubber Duck. Take pictures with the duck or take pictures of the duck. Take a stroll along The Hague with your family and friends to enjoy views best described as just ducky."

About the Camear Stream. We use a reverse proxy to pull the mjpeg stream and rebroadcast it.

We opted for a simple js interval timer for this..

If you need a copy of any of the files, we store them once per second on our ftp site.

Ftp password is 4LE#%4v'1406

*** There are now files in the /front directory of the FTP server with a much better view of the front of the duck. These are sent once every three seconds for now.

... Please hack on this. Submit pull requests. We will do our best to keep RubberDuckNFK updated.

*This project is released into the [Public Domain] (


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