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Run a chai assertion for all elements in the array #2

sebpiq opened this Issue · 3 comments

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for example

expect([1, 2, 3])'number')

Good idea. I've been thinking of this too, but never found an appropriate syntax that fits with the existing:

[4, 11, 15]
[4, 11, 15].should.contain.some.above(10)
[4, 11, 15].should.not.contain.any.above(20)
[{ a: 'cat' }, { a: 'dog' }]'a', 'cat')
[{ a: 'cat' }, { a: 'dog' }]'a', 'dog')

Any suggestions? I think elements is rather vague.

Some of mine would be:

[4, 11, 15]
[{ a: 'cat' }, { a: 'dog' }]'a')

Well ... to me all fits perfectly your current syntax!


Here you go :hatching_chick: Tell me how you like it!
Also, I'm always interested to see projects you're using Chai-Things in.

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