Comunica query engine support for the LDflex language
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Comunica for LDflex

This library lets you use the Comunica query engine with the LDflex language.

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npm install ldflex ldflex-comunica


const { PathFactory } = require('ldflex');
const { default: ComunicaEngine } = require('ldflex-comunica');

// The JSON-LD context for resolving properties
const context = {
  "@context": {
    "@vocab": "",
    "friends": "knows",
// The query engine and its source
const queryEngine = new ComunicaEngine('');
// The object that can create new paths
const paths = new PathFactory({ context, queryEngine });

async function showPerson(person) {
  console.log(`This person is ${await}`);

  console.log(`${await person.givenName} is friends with:`);
  for await (const name of person.friends.givenName)
    console.log(`- ${name}`);

const ruben = paths.create({ subject: '' });


©2018–present Ruben Verborgh, MIT License.