Named-Entity Recognition extension for Google Refine / OpenRefine
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Download the Named-Entity Recognition extension for Google Refine / OpenRefine

OpenRefine Named-Entity Recognition

This extension adds support for named-entity recognition services to Google Refine / OpenRefine.

[Screenshot of the extension]


  1. Compile the source code to the module directory, or download a compiled version and unzip it.
  2. Copy the module folder to your extensions folder.
  • To find your extensions folder, choose Browse workspace directory from the Refine interface, and navigate to the folder extensions (which you should create if it doesn't exist yet).
  1. Start or restart Refine.
  2. Open or create a project.
  3. Click the Named-entity recognition button at the top, choose Configure services... and enter your API keys.


  1. Click the small triangle before the column name and choose Extract named entities...
  2. Select the services you want to use.
  3. Click Start extraction.

Free Your Metadata

The Named-Entity Recognition extension has been developed as part of the Free Your Metadata initiative.


This extension is provided free of charge under the MIT license.

If this extension is used for research, we kindly ask that you refer to the associated paper in your publications:
van Hooland, S., De Wilde, M., Verborgh, R., Steiner, T., and Van de Walle, R. Exploring Entity Recognition and Disambiguation for Cultural Heritage Collections. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, Vol. 30 Iss. 2, pp. 262–279, 2015.